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This website is designed to bring advertisers and publishers to gather for the benefit of both.  This site utilizes a process of allowing publishers to offer for sale their unused advertising space, and in turn advertisers can make offers to purchase the space. This should allow the natural process of supply and demand to run its course. 
This is a somewhat informal process. Offers to sell and offers to purchase are only tools to allow communication between buyer and seller and is not considered a binding contract. Once buyer and seller have reached an agreement they should prepare a contract between themselves. The contract is between the buyer and seller. This website shall not be a party to the contract. Contracts may be verbal or written as agreed on by the buyer and seller. 
Publishers of motorcycle, or biker, related websites can offer their unsold advertising on this site.  Each offer must be a clear description of the space being offered and must include information such as the number of views the advertiser will receive, the size of the space, and a clear description of the location of the space including the page (or pages) the ad will appear.  Because the offers consist of non-sold advertising space the offer is tentative and may be withdrawn at any time before the actual sale is completed.  All publishers are required to be sincere in their offers but are allowed to withdraw their offer should the need arise. Misleading offers will not be tolerated.
Advertisers may make offers to purchase any advertising package listed on this site. We ask that they be serious about their offers, however we realize situations may arise where they may need to withdraw their offer.
These offers may run until the advertising space is sold, however, publishers may remove the offer should the need arise.All offers are subject to prior sale.  Publishers are required to keep their information up to date.
The terms of service shown on this page are subject to change. Information on this page applies only to this website. Each publisher may also have terms of service that may apply.
For more information e-mail, or call 1-877-658-4631.