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Advertising campaigns are divided by area. Each advertising campaign is designed to target a certain area.  Please choose the area that best matches the are trying to target.
Multinational Advertising
Advertisement packages designed to advertise in more than one country are listed in our multinational section.  These packages may range from "world-wide" advertising or may be designed to cover only a few countries. In short, these advertising packages are designed for more than one country. To see our Multinational listings click here! 
Advertising packages designed to target any one country will be listed in the National Advertising section. The advertising could be targeted to any country in the world. If you do business in any one country and you business is "nation wide" in that country you may find advertising campaigns in this section that satisfies your needs.  For national advertising click here!
Advertisers can save money by focusing their advertising within their state, or province.  These advertising packages are designed to display on pages with statewide audience. If you do business in one state, why pay for advertising in another.   For statewide, or province wide advertising packages, click here!
Local Advertising 
These packages are perfect for the small business person operating a local business. These packages are very affordable as they are displayed in your town, city or metro area.  These packages may be large enough cover part of a state, small enough to cover only one town, or anything in between. In many cases the package my cross state lines. for example a "Metro Kansas City Package" would cover a part of Missouri and part of Kansas.  For local advertising packages, click here!
We sometimes have packages that are targeted to participants of a certain event, date, location or other special circumstances.  These campaigns are listed here.  For other advertising packages, click here!